I've always been fascinated with bridges but lately they seem to be enveloping me, comsuming me, quenching a thirst that never seems to be fulfilled. The more I find, the more I seek. It seems to be mostly footbridges. I linger by them and a wave of peacefulness seems to flow through my body like the streams, rivers, brooks or ponds that they cross over.

    Giving closer thought to this I've come to the conclusion that this fascination is coinciding with my life. I'm bridging over from one phase of my life to another, slowly adjusting to it. It seems that when I'm feeling down, I seek out a bridge and it is like medicine to my soul, soothing, comforting, reminding me that everything will be alright on the other side of the bridge. All I need to do is cross it.

    Below are some of the bridges that I have had the opportunity to cross.
My Bridges
Bridges - A Poem

Bridges large and bridges small
Crossing rivers, streams and all

Always seem to call my name
Come to me, I'll help, they claim

I'll help you cross where e'er you care
I'll bridge those places that you fear

I'll smoothly help you crossing over
Reaching towards that field of clover

Look forward, don't look back they say
Cross over here and start your day

New wonders to explore they call
Reach out to them and touch them all

My bridge of dreams they seem to be
They surely help to comfort me

I must move on through day and night
'Til that final bridge is in my sight

The Rainbow Bridge at last I'll see
Everyone's final destiny

poem and pictures ©2001 By Susan L. Anderson
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