It was stifling hot this Fourth of July and everyone could hardly wait to jump into the pool. Here we have Kaitlyn, Jillian and Derek in the front and Dominic, Patrick, Megan and Alicia in the back having loads of fun!
Of course there was food aplenty, as always and Jason was sitting on Uncle Pete's lap checking out whatever it was that Megan was eating.
Patrick takes a wild ride on the alligator as Dominic watches Uncle Skipper wrestle it to keep it from gobbling them up!
Here's Mr. Big Shot himself (Jason) standing on a chair and helping himself to the potato chips and watermelon.
Here's Adharma on her dad's doesn't she look the picture of Dharma? (hehehe!)
Sadie relaxes under the table, waiting for something to drop. (She know's Auntie Sue's a pushover...)
Well, Bandit didn't make the party....he stayed home guarding the house but he was dressed appropriately for the occasion!!
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To Sue's Sanctuary
A lot of the family were either away or just couldn't make it and it was just too hot for my parents to be out but here's a link to last years party if you'd like to see them.....
Fourth of July 2001
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Many thanks to Paulie for the use of her beautiful background set.
I'd also like to add a little note here to say that we all missed Lilith this year. She and Sadie were inseparable.  I know she was watching from Rainbow Bridge and was with us in spirit.
Rainbow Bridge Poem
Kaitlyn loves doing front and back flips underwater!
Alicia loved those goggles! She was great at handstands, too!