Our friends are like flowers

They're like a bouquet

Choose them wisely

They'll be here to stay

All different people

All different minds

A mystical, magical, wonderful find

Where are we going

In this land so fair

Wherever we will

Wherever we dare

Always Exploring

Inside and out

Our minds filled with wonder

What it's all about

Life is a journey

Life is a quest

While we are here

We should do our best

A field of clover, now, what a find

Fresh mowed grass not far behind

I love the smell of the ocean blue

And the wonderful smell of lilacs too

The smell of a barnyard, oh, that's grand

To romp in the hayloft or play in the sand

The smell of a fresh tilled garden, the earth

There is no end to what these are worth

What Mother Nature offers to thee

All right here....all of it free


Butterflies and friends who care

Brilliant sun and love so near

Giving of ourselves so free

Our love, our hope, our hand for Thee

Kindness and some precious time

Our just rewards--our peace sublime

Another sunrise to another sunset

Another day passes and here we have met

In our castle of wonder, of dreams and of hope

Helping us daily to live and to cope

There's love and there's laughter....there's peace...and there's pleasure

All right here in our mixed bags of treasure
All poems written by Susan L. Anderson
Copyright 2000

When my granddaughter puts her arms around my legs and says "up" just to get a hug

When I can make a difference in someone's life, it gives my heart a little tug

When I can add a few extra minutes of joy to someone's day

When I can listen without passing judgement along the way

When I can give freely of myself because I care

When I hear a child squeal with glee because I'm there

When I hear a bird outside my window sing

Oh, the joy...the peace...the comfort it can bring

When I learn a friend has been waiting for me to appear

It tickles my heart to see they know how very much I care

When I see a smile through tears of pain

I know I have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Time to go here

Time to go there

Time for you but none for me

I have no time for myself you see

As much as you mean the world to me

I need some time of my own to be free

I'm taking that time, I'm stealing away

I'm thinking about myself today

My clocks no longer keep perfect time

I love to listen to them all chime

Whenever they may...they chime at will

I've reset them all to fit my bill

I no longer care what the time may be

I do what I want when it suits just me

There's my clock in the den

It might say ten

My clock in the hall might say it's nine

That's alright....I'm doing just fine

No more synchronized clocks for  me

I'm free, oh so free, it's time to be me

So many people lost their lives

How many had children

How many had wives

Their families and friends

All cried today

Why did they take our loved one away

A senseless war is what we hear

But these people battled for our country so dear

Finally a tribute

Finally some closure

For so many a saddened and disheartened soldier

People went there from everywhere

Paying tribute to loved ones

And friends so near

To those soldiers who fought for you and for me

To keep this glorious land of ours free
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